Falling through
The cold freezing ice
In the middle of the winter time
Drowning to my death
While trapped under a layer of ice
Is not my idea of an adventure
I want to go on at any time
You ask me to give you
The benefit of the doubt
Which I gave
But it seems like everytime
I give you an inch
You try to steal a mile
I ask
What reason do you have now
Why can you not show me
I am worth your time
I should not have to ask for
You to give me your respect
When I have already given you mine
This one sided attitude you have
Is causing you to run out of time
I refuse to be forced
For the rest of my life
To tip toe around you as if
I was a scared child
I am a grown woman
Treat me as such
Lose me
When I move to a warm temperature
In the Caribbean isles


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