I have finally
Come to a conclusion
You must be following
The Reaper’s wishes
You act as if you are
A maniac on
A mission impossible quest
Avoiding all obstacles of
Simple common sense
Destroying everything
With a breath
Tell me am I correct
Did you sell your soul
Are you now
Under a seeking contract
To collect a certain amount
Of innocents
At Lucifer’s request
Was it his minions
You only dealt with
I hope you
Do you realize
Once you are done
With all his beckoning
You too will be in the place
You sent souls
You helped capture
Burning continuously
In the unextinguishable hellfires
Forever to be Damned
Because of you selling out


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6 thoughts on ““Would You Sell Your Soul”

  1. My poem on the subject!

    An Acrimonious Barter.

    Hello, Omnipotent: Lordship, Excellency, Highness a moment please.
    Great and mighty Lord of the universe I am just your slave to wish
    Education is miles away; give me the power untold to mollycoddle.
    O! Gracious lord can I really live with out your agreement support?

    Trust me to will; the land air and seas so all kneel before thy might
    Just am thy right hand, for mighty devil loves his proximity with you.
    Worry not as the living die I claim their soul in bounty to foster love,
    She vampires burn their soul’s cold in passion; to others joy in truth.

    Jargon lures them; temptation strikes their fangs; into deadly poison
    Like the scorpion sting they quiver in anger fume into loosing trust,
    Bring armor in fights where lapping venomous tongues fling death.
    Shoulders move like lightening in cobra strikes to plunder their life.

    Documents signed witnessed by the devil, sealed; I walk away free.
    Master of the living world, crawl for now I own your body-mind-soul.


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