“It Takes Two”


With his silver tongue
Talking alot of game
Denying every child
Knowing he deliberately
Impregnated them
Playing the game
That baby ain’t mine
Like denial will erase
All the wrong they both did together
He’s not a family man
He does not want to be a father or
A dad
Just a sperm donor
She’s in denial
Trying to change someone that can not be changed
Playing the card
I was in love with him
Not taking on her responsibility
To prevent this man
From making her a statics
Half the time girls
Know this type of man is untrustworthy
He is
Cranking out babies
As if his penis
Was a penial assembly line
He has done it for so long
He has stop caring about
Making sure renegade swimmers
Don’t produce kids
He’s lost count of how many
He has left behind
To be without a father
Or a role model
His idea is to populated half the world
Not caring who suffers
In the aftermath
Just leaving his children
To be raised by young girls
All over the world
With no means to support
A new child or herself properly
Depending on her family
Or the system
To take care of a child
That was
Made by two
It’s a pity
These guys
Have avoided responsibility
Like a plague
No good
Slick talking
Broke down
With no money
No job
And definitely no spine
With a honors degree
From the college
Of don’t wrap it up
Because it just don’t feel the same
Girls need to stop falling for the game
Guys need to stop being the sperm dad
And abandoning their kids
Or wrap it up and stop bringing kids into a world of absentee dads


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“Not Playing Games”

I am not the naive person
You believe me to be
Don’t take it personal
My instincts
Fight or flight
Have kicked in
Like a warning beacon
As if it’s a public safety announcement
The moment you approached me
I’m not feeling you
I don’t like you
I don’t know you personally
I refuse to converse with you
I know you want to talk to me
It’s written all over your face
I have nothing to say
Excuse me


Let me by
Again I don’t want to know you
You just remind me of pain
Misery confusion and anxiety
You have an energy that
Fills the air with poison
So thick it’s suffocating me
Draining the life out of me
I’m sorry
I’m only into breathing
Fresh air that gives new life to me
So release me
I don’t feel death knocking on the door
The stinct of evil surrounds you
The smell is engulfing me
So please walk away
I really need to avoid
Hearing the lies
You have rehearsed for me
So I can be mesmerized
Falling into your arms
As if you’re my champion
Or my prince charming
You are not that
Your intentions are not in my best interest
Please look for your next victim
She’s that other woman
That is not me
You go on your way
You don’t have to wait long
She’ll be coming around that corner
In a few minutes
Try her
Please I beg of you
Leave me to miss out
On this journey
You have planned for me
I’m not interested
I have other plans
That don’t include you
If you go right now
It will save the both of us
From having a painful encounter
That will leave us bruised and bloody
From the fight
I’m ready to fight
To get away from you


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“When Night Falls”

I’ve developed a sleep pattern
My my mind
To have a little aversion
To sunlight
When the sun comes up
I fall asleep
And when the night fall
I’m pacing
From my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room
Trying to figure out what
I can get into
It’s a cycle
On repeat
I’ve inadvertently enlisted my body to join
In this process
I can not stay in bed
And wonder
So now my mind and body
Are up
Getting on the move
And following
The worn out path


I’ve caused
Going here and there
To nowhere
I never want anything from the kitchen
It’s just a place to go
With my restless mind
To walk in the night
Unclear of what I’m thinking
Just restlessness
Times one thousand
It’s a sensation like weightlessness
I want to get out
But I have no where
I want to go
Getting aggravated
Body up
Mind up
Then my soul joins in
Now awaken
Indecisive to where
Or what I’m being pulled to
So I continue
To do more
Pacing from my room
To the kitchen
Back to my room again
Occasionally looking out the window
I’m a night crawler
Mind Body Soul
Not experiencing the nightly activities
Like others do
Stepping into the world
Gathering in places
To party
Or socialize
Doesn’t peak my interest
It’s built up energy
That has no where to go
Feeling trapped
By the universe
In a prison
Looking for what prevents me from stepping into the sunlight


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“Shadow Games”

I am not satisfied
Not by the food I eat
Not by the career I chose
Not even my purpose in this life

I question myself on a daily
Where am I going
In this lifetime
I have been wondering aimlessly
Far too long

I am hungry for something
That feels so far
Out of my reach
This craving has created sleepless nights
Making me delirious and crazy


It has me spinning in circles
Chasing my tail
I am so clueless
I do not know what I want

Or what direction to go
I am a dog looking for my bone
Where I buried it

It seems I’ve been searching
For what I’ve been missing inside myself
So long it’s becoming an unsolvable mystery
My anxiety has been building up

Feels like a volcano
Ready to erupt
Flowing out Hot lava
Burning everything it touches

This hunger of mine
Is a torturous thing
Never giving me peace
My stomach is always rumbling

As if I am starving
But I skip no meals
I have always cleared my plate
I eat everything

Getting my nourishment
It’s not enough
I have never felt full
A familiar emptiness

That has been with me
Since my first breath
That has grown stronger and stronger
Day after day

I am being pulled
In all directions
I feel I’m coming undone
I am afraid

That what I’m searching and craving for
May never be found
My hunger is leading me blindly
Only to have me chasing shadows


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“Hide And Seek”

It’s time to plot
Be conning
Be a mastermind
And get what’s mine

My dreams have been
Getting away from me
For far too long
They are much further away than usual

As if they are running and hiding
Into the darkest of places
So I can not find them
I refuse to let them escape from me

It will not happen
No more
I promise

I am a beast
At the top of the food chain
Looking down from the best vantage point
Of the mountain

With the sun at my back
So it will be hard to see me coming
An ultimate predator
I am

On a mission
To devour all my dreams
I’m stalking them one by one

Like they are my prey
Ready to pounce on them
Using my claws to rip them open
To get to the best parts


Just to feed on them
Slowly so I can taste every flavor
Layer by layer
Taking me to those places of

Those dreams have no chance

I am definitely
Going to make them a reality
I’m on to their scent
I want them so badly

I can taste them
I’m salivating when
Remembering how they would
Make me do a happy dance in my chair at the dinner table

To the music playing
Only in my head
This time nothing can stop me
But myself

I’m not stopping until I get all of them
None of them get a pass
My dreams
Will be my nourishment
Making me a more powerful ferocious beast


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“Pieces Of Me”

My biggest heartbreak
Is losing someone
That I’ve made room for
In my heart
A place that has limited access
With few members
I open that door
Slowly and cautiously
And those that are privileged
To enter
I hold closest to my heart
I am devastated by the fact
When they have to leave me
For eternity
I understand when it’s your time
It’s what it is
But I don’t have to except
That defeat
That final decision
Of one doctor saying
Your life is over
That’s the only thing
I’m in denial of
It must be a mistake


A piece of my world
Has fallen apart
Hearing you tell me you are dying
And there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening
There is no machine to go back into time
And remove all this pain I’m feeling
And erase the moment the doctor
No chance of help
As tears swell up
All I can do
Is look up into the night sky
To find a shooting star
And wish for as many things I can
Before it’s out of my sight
I wish you all the things that money can’t buy
I wish you a full life
I wish you peace from all your demons
I wish you actually knew
How special you are to me
I just wished you believed in what was real and staring you in your face
I wish this world had no diseases
Taking people that had so much to give
Way too soon
They are a small piece of a puzzle by many
But in my eyes the biggest piece of my soul
Now lost between the cracks
Given a life sentence
That could have been avoided
Missed by people counting pennies
Instead of looking at the test
For abnormalities
To save a life
That meant so much to me


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“Fighting The Wrong Enemy”


Let’s make a truce
Let’s stop fighting
Against each other
This battle
We have going on between us
Is a distraction from
The real war going on all around us
The enemy is allowing us to kill each other
Lowering our numbers
Using tactics of
Divide and conquer
Winning without fighting us
Or being accountable
For their transgressions
They have used the media
To put us in a daze
Talking about celebrities
That went crazy
To overshadow what is really going on
In our own government
They have used the law
To put those that see threw them
Behind bars
Saying they are causing a riot
But all they are doing is waking up those that are sleepwalking
Through this problem
Look behind you
All their loyal soldiers
Have moved
Into position
To surround us
Didn’t you notice
How close they are to us
When we first began this game of extreme deadly chess
Before we became their pawns
Doing their bidding
Destroying what once united us
Through our humanity
All life is valuable
This thick smoke screen
Is a way to keep us deaf blind and stupid
Fighting each other
Not seeing the truth
To what is really going on
Behind the big black curtain
Right in front of us
We have lost the meaning of our promise
To be We the people
Not We the government
We have been blind long enough
Fighting amongst ourselves
Getting more distant
From what is important
And taking down our common enemy
We are allowing them to do as they please without consquences
Stop injesting
What they are telling us
Eating it up as if it is the gospel truth
Research their calculations
Check them twice
Then check them twice again
Stop being gullible
Question their intentions
So we can find the inconsistencies
They are giving us
Not one person is responsible for our demise
We are all getting
Off track
Of the big picture
To be free
Living our own life
Without having to looking over our shoulder


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“She Just Wants Peace”

Full of dreams of being someone her children
Can look up to
She has the biggest heart
Sometimes too big
It can be her weakness
Often weakening her spirit
Even though she has struggled
For many years
Feeling like she’s in a losing battle
She has been responsible for the little people she has brought into this world
Unlike some other parents
Not accepting their role to be a parent
That neglect or leave their children to chaperone themselves
Her kids have never gone without
The basics
Or the greatest gift
Her undying devotion and love for them
I can only give her advice
To tell her to stop her stressing
So much
And Handle only the things
She can control
Letting go of things she can not do nothing about
She has stood alone
Long enough
As a single mom
Taken advantage of
By those that say
They love her
Taking her kindness as weakness
Begging for what little she’s got
Taking her last dime
But when she needs help
They leave her to fend for herself
Not caring that in her desperation
To provide for her children
She has to ask for help from strangers
Her children have looked into windows of everyone else’s lives
They are mad at not having the latest whatever
Being disrespectful
Lazy and demanding
Not helping her as she struggles
By complaining
What they don’t have
They don’t see they are better off than many
To be greatful they are not in the system
On the streets
Or in a shelter
She is beyond determined
She has hustled each time
To make sure they never see that kind of horror
Her man is a low down that doesn’t provide
Selfish and a coward
Never protecting her from people
That threaten their relationship
By putting them in their place
And setting boundaries
That no one should cross
When he’s suppose to love her
With ever fiber
He uses her
Eating her food
That’s for her and her children
Not paying bills
Not Being present
Not Being compassionate
Showing her she is a value
Her family is the worst not supportive
She stands alone
Fighting for every step forward
Because everyone around her
Keeps pushing her backwards
Leaving her out of family gatherings
Not visiting her
Or having a relationship with her children
Keeping secrets from her
Plotting to do everything that undermines her
Doing the most to talk her out of decisions she’s made in living her own life
As she sees fit for her and her children
All she wants is to be left alone
And live in peace with her children



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“Necessary Knowledge “

Society is not living like a secret
Long ago
When the word sex
Was a word never spoken out loud
Sex is on the internet
On television
In books
Done in public at times
And people in general
Are not going away
Educate these children
So they will not be a statistic
Anyone that looks at children
In a sexual way is a threat
Unprepared children
Raised by someone that still in that belief
If they don’t educate about sex
It will stop a child from growing up
When their body is developing
Boys and girls are being looked at
Talked to because they are looking older physically
People preying on that naiveness
And lack of education
Using peer pressure to ring them in
It’s a shock
In this society
Children are not equipped with important knowledge
That sex has consequences
It can produce life
Or it can take life away
With a deadly disease
For a child
Not prepared to say no
That will tell someone that can help stop it
If they feel used or abused
Or became pregnant
I am not understanding
It is not a conversation
Being had
It’s unbelievable
Girls are still hiding pregnancy from family and friends
In fear of disappointing loved ones
In fear of being teased by everyone
A child
Becoming a mother
Unable to appreciate
What life that grows in her
Hiding and alone
Where no one can help her
Where no one can support her
Where no one can be with her
Telling her things will be alright
Giving birth to a deadly situation
A child that no one wanted
Born in this world
Tossed in a garbage bend


Without the power to cry
Muffled by
A cord that nourished him in the womb
And the same cord killing him with every breath he tries to grasp
Tightening more and more around his throat
His spirit was strong
His fight was long
For the few minutes
He came into this world
Because a child
Was not taught
About the consequences of sex
Or how to say no to peer pressure


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Just Going Through Motions”

You come from a life of singularity
Now you’re banging at the door
Waiting to be let in
The world of couples

Some people are just not meant
To cross into that place
After years
Getting no where

Keeping up an appearance
In everyone’s eyes
Of being a couple
Playing house

Without the commitment
You decided
To do something different
Going for something

You’re not ready for
That is not part of
Who you really are
And not a normal life for you

What you are
Is a player
Or a hoe
Whichever you prefer

It’s funny
You want to be part of a family
In holy matrimony
Doing things like others

Trying to fit in
Like your friends
That have grown up
Now married with a family

Saying your ready to be part of that world
But you don’t know what to do
Acting like a moron
You can not play stupid
This time

When the internet
Has examples of how to do it
Or be simple
Be original

Express what your heart feels
In that moment
You should know what that is
I hope

To say how you feel
How if I’d never became part of your life
How your life would be without me

A big bang
Echoed in my ears
Making my ears ring
As I looked down

At a shotgun hole
Where my heart use to be
It was a flash of light
That passed by me

He threw me a lame marriage proposal
That made my stomach drop
And crys of joy became
So dry it was a desert

I saw him on bending knee
Felt a slapped on my butt
Like his team won the series
Then uttering something like your part of the family now

Left in shock without words
As he slipped the ring on my finger
Without me answering him
Standing there in disbelief


The assumption I would accept
Such a lack of effort
In the most beautiful place
A scene in the movies

All you had to do was
Use it
Act like you cared
Just a little more than your effort

It felt like you did it to shut me up from complaining
Or keep me from leaving you
And it didn’t work
I’m done


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Soulmates Separated “

Do you ever wonder
What could have been
If we stayed in that moment
And didn’t pass
On what could have been
Our timing
Was always
Never free
At the same time
Missing our opportunity
To be together
In this lifetime
Scared to voice our feelings
But feeling the same thing
For each other
Without the words being said
A spark of love
Was what we had
That’s what we were
Two halves
That were made whole
Once we had been put together
That first time
We made eye contact
A force field surrounded us
Letting no one in our zone


It was
A magnetic connection
Pulling us closer and closer
It caused us to lose time
And gave us all of time
We needed
To be together
In that moment
Caught in a dream
Playing over and over
Imprinting everything
We felt on our souls
To remind us of the love we shared
Only to part
Time and time again
Chasing dreams that we both had
Just not meant to be
At that time
Was our excuse
Now separate lives we are living
Do you still feel me imprinted on your soul?


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“I’m Not Being Captured”


I can not look into my past
To reminisce with you
I would be running
Into the darkest dreary night
Without a flashlight
My focus is where the sun is shining
Well lit and alive
Showing me the way to my future
And what I’m to accomplish
Before I’m laid in a hole six feet deep
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
To the love you once had for me
That bullet in your head
Really screwed up your memory
On how you treated me
There are no negotiations
To be discussed
Do you not remember
Every three months
You played a dangerous game
To cause pain
By picking a fight
When we were in a good place
You did this for years
Until that day
You let me really see you
For the person you really were
When you had the nerve
To try to make me fell
That I should be greatful to have you
After you told me
There were other girls
You passed up for me
I will never be that girl
You will have put on a scale
To weigh your options
If you saw me for who I am
And not who you tried to change me to be
I like who I am
I guarantee you
There is nothing
Left to say to one other
I won’t stand still
So I can be easily caught
I refuse to be an easy target
I am a fighter
That has learned a few new moves
Because in this game
No one plays by the rules
I am faster and better
I move like lightening
Striking without notice
Creeping up
Hitting my target
On the back of the head
Placing my foot
On the neck of my enemy
So it can not rise up against me
To kill what is left of my dignity
Today no part of me dies
Because of your trickery
Saying you miss me
You love me
You want what we had
Before it was all thrown away
Because of your need to get back at me
For things you felt
I should be punished for
What some other person did to you
My only crime
Was that I loved you
I’m not the person you met long ago
You would pick a fight with
To break up with
Then in the same night
Told me I should get back with you
Saying I was wrong to feel
You didn’t appreciate me
I’m wiser now
I’m too focused on what my future holds for me
On how it is suppose to be
Without the drama
Without the unknowing
When will it be the moment
You will crash and burn
Scalding me because I was too close
To you
So for that reason alone
I’m standing clear of you


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Invisible Bars”

We are part of
The greatest illusionist and hypnotist
Trick performed
In the world

We see illusions of freedom
While we work in a free ranged prison
We have been hypnotized to be on invisible ropes
Around our waist


It allows us to walk and run about
But if we get too far
From where we are not allowed to be
We are jerked back to reality

Falling on our butts
And slapped in the face with a huge dose of wake the hell up
Followed by an abrupt tug of the rope
And a kick in the gut

A voice from inside
Your head saying
Get back in line
And know your position

Did you really feel that you were
Getting somewhere
Or did you already know
You were getting no where fast

We wake up
We eat
We work
We sleep
We occasional have peace and quiet

If you look closely to that peace and quiet time
You are actually
Doing a voluntary
Confinement to your homes
Once you’ve completed you workday

Do you see the guards all around
The boss you work for
Pays you less than you’re worth
The government you pay money to
Buying things you never see

The police you believe are here
To serve and protect
Never around
Then pop up when you don’t need them

You hit two clocks
The alarm clock
You hit after it wakes you up
Then a time clock
You hit to document the time you put in

Do you not
See the same places
Over and over again
Looking out windows
Wishing you were somewhere else

We are
Stuck in limbo
Never getting where we really want to go
Just in a hurry for what

Do you see the routine
That you follow daily
Work Spend and Pay Taxes

Why would you speed up the pace
Just to get tired sooner than later
But of course to stop and stand still
Is not an option

Or you’ll fly off the theoretical treadmill
And everyone behind you
Move it
Then stepping over you
To take your place


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Would You Save Someone Damaged”


Once said out loud
Some words so hurtful
Can’t be taken back
Those that love you unconditional
Will say they forgive
But deep down they are hurting
By the hurtful things
That was uttered without hesitation
Those that don’t know you
That felt picked on every day
Will feel bullied
Hurting inside
With no reason to why they were a target
Your demons of misery
Touches everyone around you
Like a tornado after the damage has been done
Can you imagine being thrown into the deepest hole
No way to climb out
Without help from a person with compassion
Anger is hard to control
When bottled up and unleashed like a wrath
There are people with big black holes inside them
That will never care
What anyone else goes through
They were hurt so they hurt others
They love this chaos
Just because their moral compass is broken
Be careful with words
Because it’s not true
Words will hurt
They just don’t leave visible wounds
What would you do
If you had sixty minutes
To rewind the tape on several wrongs
Correcting them so you could
Make a painful outcome become something positive
Changing the one that lashed out and was damaged over years
Giving a chance for them to figure out their demons
And opening a clear way to use their words
So they can speak their hurt on the intended person
Erasing the bodies that they stepped on to ease their pain
Or do you feel it’s a valid reason for actions
Of hate
Saying things that weren’t true
Or maybe it was true
But did in a way
Just to be hurtful
Do you care about the crys
Do you care about the heartbreak caused
By those hurting others because they hurt


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Dont Be Complicated “


It’s always his truth
Her truth
And the truth
Mistakes happen
When family and friends
Become part of your relationship
And begin hearing about problems
One person voicing their concerns
Without telling what they’ve done in the situation
To create the problem
It’s decided
Then your lover is just
Another player or hoe
No good for you
And evil in everyone’s eyes
Who has heard the story
Whispers behind their back
Disrespected at each encounter
Called out their name
Never once asked their side of the story
Because the ones that were told
Only listened to one side
People will fight
In a relationship
It’s a given
Break up
Then get back together
Only to be side-eyed by the other person’s family
At times it’s hard to tell the true story
And have a loved one
Telling you
You were wrong
So you can fix the problem
But in that instance you’ve gotten back together
Your problems increase
Because now both of you are fighting
All the people who thought
You were the victim
In a bad relationship
So if you bring someone into your relationship
And fail to say both parts
Know if you end up back together
Those that oppose will be your headache
If you love your partner
And make things right
By making those that hate them
Both truths
That they will not be questioning your sanity
Or the relationship
You have fought your way back into


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Perform Your Script”

This is a moment of a lifetime
When your story can end
Gloriously or disastrously
Even if you have everything to lose
If it can easily disappear in a blink of an eye
It was not yours anyway
It was bought on borrowed time
Until you found the right direction
You were suppose to be traveling
It’s your choice
No one can make this decision
You must follow the mapping of your DNA


It is where you find your gift
You must share with the world
Or it will be a tragedy
You were born to be original
You are a masterpiece
In the game of life
You are your only competitor
No one is able to compete with you
It’s straightforward
The whole world is your stage
Perform the only script you know
That only you will know the words to
Because it was written just for you
Don’t hold back
Pronounce your words clearly
From beginning to end
All your friends and family will cheer you through
Don’t be afraid to fall
You have to walk with balance
Without hesitation or fear
One foot in front of the other
With your head up
Beautiful smile
Giving a meaningfully effort that gives back
No less than three standing ovations
Either win gracefully
Gathering your flowers they throw at you
Or lose miserably
Never taking the stage in the first place


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“Stop The Violence”

It’s an epidemic
It’s an evil that touches all us
One way or another

Yet innocent children
The highest risk
Violence is making itself present
Always around innocent eyes

Grandparents house
Playing outside
Family gatherings
Public spaces

This could be the day
Someone innocent dies
Over someone else’s rage
Or mental instability

If I can’t have you no one will
Is a very known comment
With people with no conscious

Instead of the victim
Picking up the phone
Calling for help
The first time an incident happens

Having the abuser removed
Locked away for the crime
The person that had gotten their butt beaten
Apologies for their abuser’s madness

Killing what was left of their self esteem
Turning over to the devil
Thinking those magic words
Of I’m sorry
Would make everything much better

When mommy and daddy love/hate one another
More hate than love
The real part of their Love
Was lost long ago

When that first backhand came
Then followed by another
All these babies
have grown up too fast

Desensitized by violence
On tv
On the streets
At school
At home

Seeing images of
Physical abuse
Emotional abuse

Flying fists
Being chased by a knife
A gun
A baseball bat
A car

Dishes crashing
Against everything
Ducking for cover
Become a reflex like breathing

Watching dad and mom
Run from one room to another
Beating one another to a pulp

Young babies are scared
Hiding under the bed or in the closet
Covering their ears
To muffle the sounds of the screaming and crying

Bigger babies are jumping in
To help their mother
Protecting her
When it’s not a child’s place

The job of a father and a mother
They are suppose to create a safe haven
A child should never have to experience violence
At the least
In their own home
Because the world has enough violence

How can this child believe they are safe
Destruction of their parents beautiful body
Beaten bruised broken bones hidden from outsiders
Like a government secret

Mentally broken of feeling worthless and unloved
Because the abuser said it was so
I love you more than anyone will
No one will love you more than I

Destruction of trust the child has for it’s parents
Because no one has taking responsibility
No one thought what was best for the child
In a broken dysfunctional home

Destruction of innocence
Rather than being carefree
Thinking of school crushes
Good grades
And where to go to college

They have mental and emotional instability
Carrying the heaviest burden



“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“She Was Her Own Protector”

By: Yellowbonewonda


Parents were working
School was out
Home alone

She let in this friend
She was told he was coming by
A friend of the family
A friend no less

She had no reason not to trust
So when he knocked on the door
She opened it without a care

What he needed was by the door
No reason to want more
He said his hello
And said some more

He asked for something to drink
She turned her back
And he followed behind

Into the kitchen
She was cornered
His real intentions became clear

You’re so beautiful
Have you been kissed before
He asked
As he came closer

Panicked and afraid
Her hand slid on the counter
As the wall was getting closer
To her back
And he
To her

No way out
But through him
Her hand felt a knife
She waved it in the air

He lunged forward once
But when the knife almost came close to cutting him
He backed away quickly

Like a swordsman
She lunged and lunged
Until he ran out the door

He wasn’t getting a kiss
Nor what intentions he had next
She was not playing with this grown man

Trust was broken
Fear was born
Friend or stranger

The lesson was learned
She didn’t play with her trust
Because innocence was lost

That day
And everyday after
She never opened the door no more

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“Scared With A Gun”


This world is not for him
He crys alone at night
His heart is heavy
His mind is just not right
He will never be the same
He has lost brothers and sisters
His friends have died left and right
In a man made jungle
Of animals with guns killing each other
And innocence being lost
For territory that don’t belong to anyone on this Earth
Just an invisible line made up in their heads
It doesn’t matter
Pulling guns out to handle disputes
Have never solved anything
It’s just murder
With no special circumstances
A life taken
Without a good reason
Other than them feeling they were disrespected
But how can you be respected
And feared at the same time
You get compliance with some
And a civil war bubbling up
Causing some people to refuse
To be herded like cattle
From one part of the field to another
Waiting to be slaughtered
They are getting tired
Fighting back
And dying for a better cause
To be heard and taken seriously
That their freedom is theirs
Don’t matter to them
They are just feed up
And just want to be left alone
So they can live the American dream
Of liberty life
And freedom for all
The ideal dream to have
Equal opportunity
Ability to achieve success
Gaining prosperity through hard work
And using their initiative to be someone
Other than a toe tag
Because of some idiot with a gun
Pulling the trigger
With no aim
Shooting the wrong target


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“Help, By Closing The Door”


Be happy
They are gone
Leave those tears
For important times
Like stomping
Your big toe
You can definitely call them cowards
A person who has plans of leaving
And did it
When you were gone
Lying cheating and using you
Using their manipulative ways
To take your hard earned money
And breaking your heart into pieces
It’s a choice they made
A path they chose
Long ago
I make no excuses for them
It’s what they do
So beware
Begging this type of person to stay
When their bags are already packed
Ready to leave
With one foot out the door
You’re playing yourself
Like a fool
You was a layover
As if you were a plane in the airport
They got off you
And the first flight that came
They jumped on it and they found their way out
You wasn’t part of their plan
Of happiness and happily ever after
So stop crying
Begging them to stop and explain
Your cries are on deaf ears
It’s like crying
over spilled milk
You can’t put it back in the bottle
You can’t push it into a glass
All you can do
Is get a towel clean it up and ring it out
Then go to the store and buy a new one
Because you’re all out
Blaming you as the problem
Is their way
To making you doubt yourself
Making you look like the bad one in the relationship
They promised empty dreams
Promised a family and forever
It’s all a game you see
All the while on the prowl
Looking for a new bed
To lay in
And use them too
I understand
You loved this person whole heartedly
But if its a one way street
With a dead end in front of you
With no way out
Put your butt in reverse
And back the hell out
A person thats true
Will never hurt or use you
And be there one hundred times infinity
So let that coward go
And cry no more
Because those tears
You’ve shed are in vain
To someone that has no heart


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Carrot Cake Cookies

Icing on the Page

ray.liotta.goodfellas.laughingSo with summer finally upon us, we all have our beach bodies ready right?

Yeah, me too. Hard to even write that with a straight face let alone. With so many recipes out there to try and to taste, who needs the beach anyway when you can have CAKE!!!

Lol, but in all seriousness, as much as I love cake, sometimes it can be too filling. Most of us tend to have dessert after dinner and by that time, we are usually full. Cake can push you to the brink of that painful full ( you know where you ate too much and wish you had stopped two bites ago, but it was SOOOOOO good that you had to finish it).

With that feeling in mind, I went in search of an alternative solution to my current desire for carrot cake. My mother has been working on growing a vegetable garden…

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“Little Birdie No One Saw”


My memory is fading so rapidly
I fear this world
Needs to be smaller
So I’d feel much taller

A recurring dream
Would come to me
Every night
When I was little

People would walk in a hurry
Here and there
Never to look up
To see me flying

So freely
Like a female Peter Pan
Gliding on the winds
Beneath me

Soaring above the clouds
Almost touching the stars
And diving to the ground
As if I was crashing

Pulling up at last minute
Was like eating Popeye’s spinach
Feeling that adrenaline rush
Coarsing through my veins

Making me stronger
And stronger
I would start
Laughing hysterically
Like a hyena

I was loving it
Each time
Time after another
Attempting to fly higher and higher

In the morning
I would always gain
A new perspective
Of this scary world
I would see daily

In my dream
Everything so much smaller
A little less scarier
For a child
Growing up
To a teen
Then to a woman

At the end of each dream
It was harder
And harder to come down
I would have to grab
For anything and everything

That would help me
Pull back to reality
From my wonderful dream
I never wanted to wake up from
Because I felt so free

Since I’ve tasted the sweetness of freedom as a child
I wish for
That recurring dream
Now that I’m older
But it’s just a distant memory
That I can not recover


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“Enemies of All Kinds”

Today’s judgement day
I’m drawing a line in the sand
Who’s with me
Or against me
Pick a side
There is no middle

I often have sleepless nights
I toss and turn
Waiting for exhaustion to take over
To put me into a deep sleep

I’ve stepped back in my corner
So I can see them coming from all over
Who will come for me
Or who will help

My defenses are up
Even in my dreams
They start coming for me
One after the other

Like they are multiplying
I am fighting all my enemies from within
They have faces of strangers,friends and family
As I push off one after another

Another returns
Coming for my juggler
They laugh in my face
They pat me on my back

Then they have the nerve
To have their hand out
Saying they care
But when I call for them

They disappear
Nowhere to be found
I’ve listened to their sob story
But in the end

They are just full of it
Just looking for a payout
They’ve lied to me
They’ve stole from me

They’ve borrowed from me
They’ve told lies on me
They’ve never even known me
Judging me without appoaching me

All the while thinking I was a big dumby
But it wasn’t me being a dumby
It was called kindness
And you thought it was my weakness

Until I turned tables on you
And exposed your truth
A pretender
Pretending to be human

So stop coming for me
Because you will be the one left looking
Like stupidty
Branded and shamed
Like you should be


– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“It Can Be Repaired”

Pure evil does exist
It’s in everyone
It’s just some that embrace it
More than others

Could they be the devils gift?
Just think
You can not be deaf and blind
Always and forever
To what you are being taught daily

You can not compare
You’re battle within
To others on a different path
It is your own
That no else will ever travel
So begin

If you cry over this person
And they don’t care
To see your tears
And wipe them away
They won’t

If you doubt their intentions
And you feel used
Or Defeated
You are

If you can not trust a word they speak
And you see the truth
Plastered on neon signs
Staring you in the face
You’re not listening

If you are lost and confused
And you feel like there is no way out
There is
Just open your cage door and fly out
You can

Stop questioning
How was this possible
How could I be so stupid
Why did this happen

What did I do wrong
If I never met you
Would it have ever happened
Just know
If it’s not this person
It could always be another

Some people don’t want
To hear or see the truth
When it’s presented to you
A million times over

The lesson has been taught
You are too stubborn to comprehend
You make it hard
To be found by that Angel who will soar above the rest


Instead you want to hold on
To the devil’s gift
Missing the beauty
That could alter your life

No one should be stripped bare
Left in the center of lies and deceit
Left heart broken
Weakened in disbelief
But it’s all repairable

A soul that is pure
That is only for you
That’s Not judgemental
That’s Not hurtful
That’s Not deadly
To your spirit

You have to open
Your mind to question their interest in you
You have to open
Your heart to feel if it’s pure
Stop being tempted and lead by your lust
because your lonely and longing to be touched


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“My Confidence Went to WTF”

By: Yellowbonewonda

My life was changing
I knew it to be true
This was my career in their hands
My dream at best

My confidence was on high
I researched the company
I studied like it was my S.A.T
They could ask me anything

I claimed it
It was mine
I was told to be myself
That’s no problem I can do that

I went the day before
Over two hours my ride took
To pick me up
Standing in the scorching sun

All I could do was hope
My hair didn’t mess up
I started to panicked
Forgot my straightening iron at home
It could rise up like Don King’s hair with this type of heat


When my ride finally came
I arrived at the hotel
It was a disgrace
It was only a night
I told myself

I smiled at the clerk
Got my key
I refused to meltdown
I refused to cry
I’m not going to replace my positivity with negativity

Not me
Tomorrow is my day
I woke up early
So I wouldn’t be in a rush

Morning shower
Blue suit
Makeup done
Black heels
Unsteady on my feet
Hopefully I won’t trip and fall on my face

Over an hour I gave
Told the driver the address
He drove me to a place
Excited I checked in
Received my badge

That damn driver
What a mess
I sat there
Thirty minutes
Then one hour
I was at the wrong place

I briskly walked across the train tracks
With my heels in my hands
Arriving late
I laughed it off
Making the best of my ordeal

Conversated with the others while I waited my turn
When I interviewed
They asked nothing I studied for
It was all about me
I had this in the bag

I smiled and smiled
Thinking this is great

I finished my interview early
I had to backtrack
My luggage was at the other place

Having to change my ticket
Got to the airport
Had a hike
Of course the driver drove me to the wrong end
I think it’s the running theme

The clerk had to get the manager
She didn’t know how to change my ticket
So she asked me before he arrived
To wait until my original flight

What nerve
I gave her a look
Like bitch please
But I smiled instead
I said no thank you
Because that was four hours away

I got on that early flight
Being polite
My two day struggle was real

Though I thought for the best
My high came crashing down
In exactly one week
I was given the kiss of death

It’s just not your time
Apply next year
Blah blah blah blah

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“I Am Leaving”


We use to stare
Into each other’s eyes
Now you look right through me
As if I’m invisible  

I’m at your fingertips
You don’t reach for me
When you sleep at night
As though I’m not there

You stare at my pictures
You wear my ring upon your neck
You sleep with my pillow to smell my scent
But you refuse to see me

I’m crying right next to you
You are just ignoring me
Did you forget
You said we’d be forever 

Our love was special
You never felt it with another
I am feeling like a fading memory
Disappearing Never to exist

We use to talk forever
Not wanting to ever part
Now we don’t say a word
For hours and now days 

It is pure silence in this house

Why don’t you comfort me
Why don’t you hold me
Why don’t you love me
Why are we falling apart

I’m dying inside
I can not take this pain
We are both miserable
Broken and crying always

Since that pounding
Echoing knock on the door
Everything fell apart
When he told you

I was gone
Never more to be in your grasp
We use to be forever
Now for eternity

I will have to wait


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“Body Aches”

Feels like a fight within your body
Against you

In a vortex spinning uncontrollable
In a black hole blinded by the darkness
In the middle of the ocean swimming in circles
In a desert stranded with no map

Sleeping on the back the most uncomfortable position
Feels like something is in the throat but nothing is there
Sleeping on the right stabbing pain in the neck

They say Phantom pains
But the feeling is there
Back and neck are on fire
Arms and Legs wanting to get in the game

Taking the pills
Like candy
Different kinds
Different flavors


The doctor gave
Saying it will help
If it don’t work
We got another

Trial and error was the game
More like more error
Losing the game

Head floating
like a balloon
Eyes half mask
like you’re on a high
Cheeks numbed
like someone has pinched them all day
Throat dry
liked you haven’t drunken anything for days

The doctor
Kept prescribing
One pill turned to two
Then three or four lost count maybe more

Hey doc
These don’t work
They make me feel like crap
They do nothing for the pain

One does that
The other does this
Don’t take this pill with this
Oh if you miss a pill

Take it right away
But don’t double up
So you left
Feeling symptoms

Feeling lost
Feeling pain
Feeling like you someone else
Dazed and confused

In the pharmaceutical game


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You would have to
Read the book of me
Not just read the back
You must read all the pages
If you really want to know the facts

Its been Torn
Refurbished many times
Bought back looking good as new
For many years


Eye catching book
You will see
Pretty smooth cover
Carmel candy tone
Sexy finished package

They’ve become my frienemies
They’ve been a murderer within
Killing me so softly
They’ve controlled my thoughts
Creating so many doubts

To know the story
Of how they were birthed
The scars so far below
From the past

Beneath my clothes
So deep below
Beneath the surface
Beneath my skin
At the core

A microscope you will need in order to see
You can not see
What’s invisible
To the naked eye

A loving ear you will need in order to hear
From these lips
You will never hear
It freely uttered

A tender opened heart you will need in order to touch
You can not touch
It’s still opened
Exposed not healed enough

Scars that no one will know
Unless you stop looking at just my cover
Unless you make the time to discover
Unless you read from cover to cover

These scars will remain
Deep at the core


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

“Beware She’s Trained”

A lot of daddys
Tired of hearing and wiping
The tears when their sweet girl cry
Over cowards on the rise

She is his pride and joy
The apple of his eyes
She can do no wrong
In his eyes

She can be
Sweet as pie
She loves being his princess
But she comes with alot of spice
And gets a little ugly with it

Girls are not
What they once were
Being easy prey
A victim to those don’t value her

Daddy has prepared her to come home safe
Dont get Your feelings hurt
Dont get Your pride bruised
Dont get Your ego deflated

She’s not ordinary
She’s not timid
She is trained to protect herself
Because her daddy trained her so

Daddy has given her the skills and the constant flow
Of a boxer
A fighter
Intsilled in her so

Her daddy has trained her to be the winner
And you will be the loser
So don’t come for her
Or you soon will know

If sneak up on her
From behind trying
To give a fright

Her reflexes are not set to run
They are set to fight


Fists fly up in a defense
Protecting her face
Feet stand in a stance
Ready to duck and move

Eyes are wide open
She’s ready to dance the boxers dance
And making contact is a must
It’s you or her
And daddy made sure it’s her

Jabbing and sticking
When she has an opening
A scare you tried to give

A black eye
Bruised ribs
Hurt groin
She gave in return
Thanks to her daddy training her so

– Yellowbonewonda

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”