“When I Felt You Loved Me”

You promised things would be better
That things would change
That you would try to do better
I thought that day
When I cried in frustration
In front of you
When you wiped my tears away
That you saw
How distressed I was
How I wanted
To be loved
To be appreciated
To be comforted
By you
Only you
My question is
Did you not see
My vulnerability
I was at my rawest
Naked of my physical beauty
Stripped clean
With only my soul
To present to you
I showed you my core
I was at my basics
Do you know
I got down on my knees
Plenty of days and nights
For you
For us
To be strong in this storm
That kept you in your past
I asked for it not to take over our present
I once swore to myself
That I would be there to witness
Our success
I was new to this
It is the first time
I prayed
For a relationship to be a success
I was
Asking for strength
Asking for more love
Asking for your protection
Each day so as to keep you safe
I prayed for you
More than I did
For myself
I thought coming with no defenses
No baggage
No games
No lies
Hands out
Palms up
Showing you I had no weapons
To use against you
Was enough
But it was not
I tried to put
You and I
In a safe place
Where we could keep
Each other safe
But instead
You rejected me
That was real
That was me
To your safe place
Breaking my heart
Ignoring my feelings
Making me a causality
Of a war
I was never part of
In the first place
By you reverting back
To your old self
The one you said you left behind
To start a new life
You gave up
You stopped me from
Showing you
My continuing truth
That I was willing
If you was willing
To keep in this fight
Conquer this world
You doubted us
You doubted me
We was supposed to be
Side by side
Shutting down anyone
Who said we could not
Be together
Be happy
Be stronger
Than the ones
That wanted our failure
Sadly you proved them right
You was not ready
You was too afraid
Afraid of real love
Afraid of change
You was
Afraid of living a new truth
You had
Fear of the unknown
The happiness that came with it
A happiness like no other
A happiness we could have had together
For the rest of our life


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