There are plenty of words
In this world
That are hush hush
That I may say
I am not afraid to do so
I say what I say
Sadly I have so many people
That are afraid for me
They do not want me to
Express myself
Write it down
On paper
Publish on the internet
For all to see
Because it would possibly
Get me
In trouble
In danger
Putting me on the radar of someone
That do not like what I say
These people around me
Are so afraid
That the negatively has them
Thinking too much
Thinking I could possibly
Get Arrested
Get Beatdown
Get Killed
So as to silence me
Scare me enough to
Censor my truth
But for what
Because what I speak of
Is harmless
It is about life
It calls out people to think
Before they act
It validates feelings
Being felt
Showing someone else has troubles
Like them
They are not alone
I am not inducing a revolution
Just self awareness
That everyone has problems
That there are people
That understands them
So how could I be hated on
For that


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