I’m standing
And exposed
With no secrets
To hide
While everyone
Gauk at me
And shake
Their head
As I tell
My truth
I’m tired of
Being the
Leading lady
In this
Drama series
Full of hate
I’m sick
Of making
People believe
The lies
We are spoon
Feeding them
It’s cheap Caviar
In an expensive
We can’t pay
We are not
The perfect couple
We have not
Been happy
And in love
For some time
It’s only a front
For company
On special occasions
Or on family days
Packed with fun
I’m just tired
Of pretending
We have a home
When it’s
Only four walls
And furniture
It is
Empty with
No soul
I am no longer
Of losing
This thing
We’ve built
With smoke screens
And mirrors
It’s time to let go
I’m not getting
Paid for
My skills
I’ve played
This character
Well enough
This award
Winning performance
As the good wife
It is played out
And I’m
The show
I’ve been
Off a
Condemned bridge
For far
Too long
I felt him
When he let go
Losing his grip
On my hand
My death
Was slow
I fell
On the rocks
My body
In two
Yet that
Wasn’t my torture
It was when
Looked down
Stared back
And laughed
At me
Without a care
Where did
It all go wrong
When did you start
Hating me
I remembered
You loved me
You said
You saw
A life
Within me
But your actions
Said differently
My best friend
Became my enemy
And the murderer
That left me
In the cold


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2 thoughts on ““Crashing Below”

  1. Hey! I saw your posts tagged with poetry so I came by to have a read.
    If you’d like, you should consider submitting to the first issue of my new literary magazine for women 🙂
    You can learn more by clicking on my name I think.
    Keep writing!!
    Deborah A.
    Editor, Winter Wheat

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