Under the surface
Is a glorious beauty
In the depths
Of select souls
In this world
They bring clarity
To the blind
And the unloved
These souls
Have no hidden
Clause within them
All you have
To do is
Look further
Than your eyes
To see
Without Your
And presumptions
Leading you
To doubt
What could be magical
And freeing
Your heart
Your gut
Or intuition
Doesn’t matter
Just feel
They say
Beauty is in the eye
Of the beholder
It’s true
Can’t you see
Won’t you look
The beauty
Of the physical
Outer layer
Somewhat deeper
Than the sea
There is a gem
Precious and rare
Inside of those
You would think
That wouldn’t be
They are full of Hope
And potential
But are consider
Because no one
Has looked
Past the broken wing
And side halo
Hanging off their head
Dirty from
Down and dirty
In the trenches
Going deep
In a world
That don’t take
Kindly to hoping
And individual dreams
Yet they soldier
On to spread love
With smiles
And simple gestures
Through compassion
And their humanity
With no bias
In their heart
Towards color or gender
Their heart
Only beats
To the drum
Of love and
It’s ready to love
Another unconditionally
With only
The utmost purity
There are no conditions
What you must
Do for them
They are genuine
With no intentions
To use
Or hurt
They refuse
To do it
Out of
Personal gain
They have
No jealousy
No hate
Within them
They win
When you win
When they help
All people
In accomplishing
Their dreams
To living in
Their happily
Ever after


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