Rain is
The forgotten
Music instruments
Made in nature
The best kept secret
To those
Able to hear it
It’s a gift
To experience it
In its glory
As it pitter-pats
Against all things
In nature
I personally melt
Into it’s musicality
It is comforting
And Refreshing
As I sway
Back and forth
No more restlessness
I fall asleep
Dreaming in the Matrix
I hear the rain
It changes me
It’s hypnotic
And calming
Putting a pause
To my scattered
Thought process
It shuts me down
Then reboots me
After an extensive
Maintenance check
My mainframe
I don’t crash
A blackout
Extending across nations
So beware
Trolling for priceless data
It’s protected
By my white hats
Fortifying it
So no one
You will
My memories
My character
My temperament
Changing me
Into the beast
No one wants
To meet


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