I can not pretend
To like you
Love you
Understand you
Or care for
Your well-being
I don’t
Do fakeness
My face
Mirrors my emotions
And my body
To bull$hit
A built
In lie detector
Ready to go haywire
Please keep your distance
I’m afraid your propinquity
It may lead me
Into temptation
To act crazy
I’m everready
To put
My hands on you
Releasing all
My pinned up anger
Only for you
What you do
How you breath
Being in proximity of me
Makes me suspicious
I’m locked and loaded
My sonar is always
Waiting on your
To approach me
I will choose my battles wisely
But you come into my space
We going to war
All ammunition
Will be spent
If you know
What’s good for you
Keep on your side
And I’ll stay on mine
We will live
A full healthy life
Of being cooperative
Where we can coexist


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