Why do you rush
Here and there
Take your time
Enjoy the scenery
You only have
One life to live
Stop chasing behind
Faces on paper
There are other
Things in life
That are important
Stop neglecting
Your happiness
And the simple things in life
Like family and friends
They are the ones that
Love you unconditionally
They provide you
The freedom to be who
You want to be
Without being caught
In censorship
Satisfy those
Cravings before
It starts crying like a baby
Refusing to be ignored
Making you
And incoherent
Causing you to fall
Into a trap
Of grabbing
That captivates you
It’s too late
You’re overeating
And overburdened
Your eyes are big
Magnifying your hunger
Your stomach is suffering
To the point of
Take my advice
Eat slowly
Chew each morsel
Taste your food
As if it was
The first time
Savour it
Record the data
Imprint it permanently
On your DNA
Making it apart of you
Sense there is
To your life
Other than despondency


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