This world is not for him
He crys alone at night
His heart is heavy
His mind is just not right
He will never be the same
He has lost brothers and sisters
His friends have died left and right
In a man made jungle
Of animals with guns killing each other
And innocence being lost
For territory that don’t belong to anyone on this Earth
Just an invisible line made up in their heads
It doesn’t matter
Pulling guns out to handle disputes
Have never solved anything
It’s just murder
With no special circumstances
A life taken
Without a good reason
Other than them feeling they were disrespected
But how can you be respected
And feared at the same time
You get compliance with some
And a civil war bubbling up
Causing some people to refuse
To be herded like cattle
From one part of the field to another
Waiting to be slaughtered
They are getting tired
Fighting back
And dying for a better cause
To be heard and taken seriously
That their freedom is theirs
Don’t matter to them
They are just feed up
And just want to be left alone
So they can live the American dream
Of liberty life
And freedom for all
The ideal dream to have
Equal opportunity
Ability to achieve success
Gaining prosperity through hard work
And using their initiative to be someone
Other than a toe tag
Because of some idiot with a gun
Pulling the trigger
With no aim
Shooting the wrong target


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