Be happy
They are gone
Leave those tears
For important times
Like stomping
Your big toe
You can definitely call them cowards
A person who has plans of leaving
And did it
When you were gone
Lying cheating and using you
Using their manipulative ways
To take your hard earned money
And breaking your heart into pieces
It’s a choice they made
A path they chose
Long ago
I make no excuses for them
It’s what they do
So beware
Begging this type of person to stay
When their bags are already packed
Ready to leave
With one foot out the door
You’re playing yourself
Like a fool
You was a layover
As if you were a plane in the airport
They got off you
And the first flight that came
They jumped on it and they found their way out
You wasn’t part of their plan
Of happiness and happily ever after
So stop crying
Begging them to stop and explain
Your cries are on deaf ears
It’s like crying
over spilled milk
You can’t put it back in the bottle
You can’t push it into a glass
All you can do
Is get a towel clean it up and ring it out
Then go to the store and buy a new one
Because you’re all out
Blaming you as the problem
Is their way
To making you doubt yourself
Making you look like the bad one in the relationship
They promised empty dreams
Promised a family and forever
It’s all a game you see
All the while on the prowl
Looking for a new bed
To lay in
And use them too
I understand
You loved this person whole heartedly
But if its a one way street
With a dead end in front of you
With no way out
Put your butt in reverse
And back the hell out
A person thats true
Will never hurt or use you
And be there one hundred times infinity
So let that coward go
And cry no more
Because those tears
You’ve shed are in vain
To someone that has no heart


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