By: Yellowbonewonda


Parents were working
School was out
Home alone

She let in this friend
She was told he was coming by
A friend of the family
A friend no less

She had no reason not to trust
So when he knocked on the door
She opened it without a care

What he needed was by the door
No reason to want more
He said his hello
And said some more

He asked for something to drink
She turned her back
And he followed behind

Into the kitchen
She was cornered
His real intentions became clear

You’re so beautiful
Have you been kissed before
He asked
As he came closer

Panicked and afraid
Her hand slid on the counter
As the wall was getting closer
To her back
And he
To her

No way out
But through him
Her hand felt a knife
She waved it in the air

He lunged forward once
But when the knife almost came close to cutting him
He backed away quickly

Like a swordsman
She lunged and lunged
Until he ran out the door

He wasn’t getting a kiss
Nor what intentions he had next
She was not playing with this grown man

Trust was broken
Fear was born
Friend or stranger

The lesson was learned
She didn’t play with her trust
Because innocence was lost

That day
And everyday after
She never opened the door no more

“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.”

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