They laugh
Because they are joyful
They love
Because hate does not engulf them
It is an anomaly
I am amazed
In awe that
These people still exist
How is it that
They can tell their mind
To take the backseat
Throughout their life
Allowing their heart to drive them
There is no doubt
I do praise them
For their faith
Having hope
I am all for it
I love the fact they are
Living by a
Wrong code
Without a gray area mentality
To fall into
Corrupting their judgment
Making them bitter
Like majority of the world
It is sad
Few people on this Earth
Do not understand it
Like I do
When I tell them
A specific person
Is a pure heart
Meaning is
It is a person who is in love
With love
Loves to share it
Sees the world different
As a bag full of opportunities
All at their fingertips
Ready and willing
To conquer all challenges head on
Until all challenges are complete


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