I may be wrong
I may be paranoid
These few days
You have been different
towards me
I am getting a weird vibe
You seem to have lost alot of patience with me
I know this getting to know
Each other stage
Can be troubling
Trusting a stranger
Is a huge risk
A long process
Can draw up awkward feelings of vulnerability
Believe me
I do fully comprehend
Only to come out when they are trapped
In a corner
Giving you a fight or flight response
What I am doing
Is what is best for me
I am making sure when they do come out
I will be safe
They are not going to attack me
I know it is hard
To speak your truth
I understand
But if you are planning
To be with me forever
I need to know the person
That wants to share
A roof
A name
Our bodies together
You have to understand
This beautiful garden
I have built
Continue to weed
Is not open to everybody
Only one special person may enter
Just because
You have interest in me
Does not grant you immediate access
A free entry pass
You want to come in
Know you will need to answer
The toughest questions
Like others before you
If you refuse to answer
The exit
Is to the left of you
So if you are ready
We are almost done
This valuable information
You are give me
I want you to know
There is purpose in this extensive inquiry
I swear I am making it as quick
As I can
I am do my best to find a route
Most painless for you
I do not want you to get so sensitive
You go on the defensive
I only need to know
We both catch strong feelings
What type of man are you
Do you consider yourself
To be a man or mouse
If I am approached by danger
Will you be a protector
Protecting me as if I am an appendage
On your body
You had an accident
The doctor gave you the choice to amputate
You would be like hell no
Telling him you rather die than live without it
That is the type of love
Loyalty I crave
You defending my honor
Not you tucking your tail
Between your legs
Cowering off
Leaving me to defend for myself
It is not
The issue I am a weakling
I am not saying
Fight all my battles
I just want you to feel safe with you
Not caught with a right hook
To the face
A bullet/knife in my back
Getting left for an angry mob
To kill me
What I am saying if you have an urge to run
Grab me my hand
My arm
My hair
My clothes
Damn it it does not matter to me
Dude if you see a problem
Send instant messages telepathically
You get out we get both out
I am just saying TEAMWORK


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