I miss everything about you
When you are gone
Even five seconds is too long
Do you know
How I feel about you
I feel lost without you
I hear a white noise effect
All around me
When you are not next me
It is so noisy
So much in fact deafening
My life is a wreck
Without you
I want to tear my hair out
By the fist fulls
In clumps maybe
Why don’t you
Come rescue me
You and only you
Can help me
Do you not know
You are my paradise
So please come now
Your presence is so comforting
When I am with you
Your kisses are like butterflies
Tickling my skin
Everso gently
Your hugs are so snuggly
I feel safe in your arms
Inside your embrace
Everything is peaceful
I can not get enough of you
You are a drug that is so addictive
I can not go even a minute
I will have withdrawal symptoms
Without you
So please never leave me
Stay forever
Through eternity
You are the connection
To my sanity


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