For some reason
Life is being cruel to me
It keeps laughing at me
As if it is playing
Several simultaneous tricks on me
It is overwhelming me
It continues to
Test my patience
Test my integrity
Test everything
That is me
To see if I will come out
My character
Go bat $hit crazy on everybody
How I know this
Is because
I really believe
Life taped a magnet to me
In fact my left
Right @ss cheek
Where it arches
To be specific
Because for as long as I
Could remember
I have noticed dumb $hit
Keeps following me
It is always
Dumb people with dumb ideas
Dumb people with crazy ideas
Dumb people in general
It is so upsetting
It is very confusing
It is beyond tiresome
I need peace
Please help me
You know
The only good thing
I learned from encounters
I have learned it
A long time ago
Not waste energy
Arguing with dumb people
Dumb people do not have common sense
You would lose many brain cells
Trying to figure out their nonsense
That’s drama I do not need
So instead
I think of strategies
Take precautions
In increasing a buffer
Between them and me
Of course
It is frustrating
Each and everyday
A new problem arises
In my attempt to avoid them
I know nothing is
100 percent
But I am trying
Using my best
Ignoring tactics
Walking away fast
Out pacing them
Putting them in their place
Shutting them down immediately
Before they start in on their rants
I mad dash to my car
Making it to the car
Just before they can put
Their key in the engican
I am burning rubber
Out the parking lot
Speeding through a yellow light
As it is changes to red
So they can not catch me
Sitting at the light
I can not be caught
I do not need them to
Motion for me to pull over
Rolldown my window to talk
Funny enough
That was not an extreme measure
The extreme came when
I bought Raid extra strength
The roach wasp ant killer
To carry with me
Hoping it would kill dumb people
They seem to have adapted
They like the scent
They are coming with a vengeance
Bothering me even more
Than the regular these days
I need a stronger repellant
A stronger poison
Something industrial
To spray around me
So they will run the other way
I ask any poison control specialist
Please develop a solution
For my infestation
I am tired of being surrounded
By total ignorance
Yours truly
Someone ready to get rid
Of unwanted pestering company
In smoke or liquid form
No preference
Just deliverance


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