When you
Go into
The afterlife
To present
Your case
Will you be
Granted access
To heaven or
To hell
Based on the decisions
You made
In your life
All things
Add up
For him
To pass judgement
So look at
Make sure
You are right
Is guaranteed
In this life
Your job
Your money
Your friends
Your family
Your next breath
When Death
Wants you
You will have
No choice
We are just
Parking meters
With no window
To inform us
Or a slot
To put more
Money into
To add time
To what is left
To stop
The expiration sign
From popping up
It will
Just be
A day when
Time will
Cease to exist
We will be gone
A memory
In this life
Will be
The end
To your life
You came
You saw
You became
A memory
In the hearts
You once touched
But is that


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