What is wrong
With me
I keep setting
Myself up
For failure
As I continue
To go against
My better judgement
When it comes
To you
I got this
I am always
Listening to
It ask me to
Turn the
Blind eye
To you
Act like I
Do not know
Who you are
What you have
Done to me
They say
Love is blind
But I think
It is blissful
Because all
Common sense
Has left me
Going on
When you
Are near
We have been
Down this road
Too many times
I can set
Your routine
With me
To any clock
Starting when
I listen
To your excuses
I accept
Your apologies
I believe
You have changed
You get
Me swirling
Your pretending
Because my guard
Is down
My weakness
As I
Turn my back
Giving you
A chance
To chip
At my armour
So you can
Get at
My vital organs
So you can
Kill me


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