However funny
Remember when
We initiated
This clause
Saying our friendship
Is a lifetime effort
And if
We parted ways
We would never
Hate enough
To betray
One another
It was an
Instant friendship
Like kindred spirits
Finding each other
After being separated
For so long
Finally able breath
The secrets
We shared
Made life easier
The laughter
The tears
The fighting
Made us stronger
It was a promise
To honor this love
To keep our past
Off limits
Never allowing
Our anger to
Get to the point
Of hurting
Each others feelings
Always being
Protective of
Each other’s heart
Forever tomorrow’s
To come
Being that friend
That will never
Become a double agent
For any enemies
Wanting to come
Between us
This kind of
No matter
How life
Treats us
Will never
Make us break
Our promise
To betray
The hearts
That were once
Beating together


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