The innocent
Is dead
Not able
To be
Cross examined
Their voice
Is speaking through
The evidence
And is silence
When it is thrown out
Creating a gap
Losing the
Most important
Piece of the story
Making a dilemma
For any juror
To deliver
A sound
Educated decision
To the innocence
Or guilt
Of the defendant
I wish
They would stop
Making a mockery
Of the system
Using a trial
To make
The victim
The instigator
In their own death
If the evidence
Speaks for them
Let it
Justice is suppose
To be blind
Completely blind
In its inability
To find
What is Just
This type of system is
Not based
On innocence or justice
It is power and money
Dirty well paid lawyers
Muddling up
The victim
Victimizing them
Through the system
Throwing out
That proves
Their client
Is guilty
DNA tossed out
Witnesses discredited
Video camera evidence
Is explained away
By saying
Do not
Believe your eyes
That is not
My client
Doing the crime
Stop all this madness
The defendant
Is guilty
It should be the end
Protect the many
Over the one
That is a danger
To our society


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