My bull shit reader
Is off the charts
With you
You’re in denial
If you think
You are
Or even part human
You lie so much
It’s like Niagara Falls
On everyone
Below it
You don’t
Even see
How you are
Infecting everyone
Your virus


So I’m going
To sit back
And watch
How long
It will take
For karma to
Catch up
With you
Exposing you
Who you are
A complusive liar
With no conscious
You’ve lived
In denial
For so long
Your actions
Have told
Many truths
You’re not equipped
To being
A good person
With morals
You lack
That understanding
Stop pretending
You’ve played
This role
For too long
Your retakes
Have ended
Your acting
You lack
The tools
For an awarding
You can not understand
What is unfamiliar
To you
Being truthful
And honest
Your words are lies
Your heart is cold
Your actions are few
It’s just not in you
To be that person
So play
Your position
And stop pretending
You are not
Capable of emotions
It’s too complex
For you
Please come
To that realization
Then we can start
And be able
To find
Some type of feeling


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