I am not
Going to
A losing
To convince
No one
Of my worth
I am
A rare breed
And I know
My King
Is out there
Looking for me
He will see
His wife
Before him
Making me
An honest
Before making me
A mother
A Baby mama
I will never be
That label is
Not for me
I am only
Wifey material
A queen
Waiting for
Her king
To come
And take me back
To our kingdom
So you tired
Lame ass dudes
Pass on
By me
Before I
Break it down
For you
Want me
To give
My body
My time
My everything
To you
I want
A commitment
And your
Signature on
A contract
That is spiritually
And legally binding
I refuse to just
Be anyone that
You will
Sleep with
I need to be
Your woman
That you want
To have future with
And want to marry
If you are not ready
To give everything
To me
Don’t even bother
You can not
Expect me
To just
The keys
To my everything
It is more
Precious and
Than any
One of a kind
Man-made item
If you are afraid
What I
Won’t be
In the bedroom
Don’t be
I will
Take care of you
It will be
A married couple’s
Closed doors
That we will
Share together
I will be that
Video Vixen
Taking care of
Your every fantasy
You won’t have
To look
Any further
For any
Broken woman
Ready to breakup
Our marriage
You will never
Be that hungry
To seek out
Something more than
Your wife
Because I will be enough


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