Hey Mister
Excuse me
I have a story
To run by you
Let’s take a ride
On memory lane
For a while
To see if you remember
That girl
Back in the day
That had your
Tail a waging
Well that firecracker
She’s my mother
Stop hating on her
She does not deserve it
She did what
You couldn’t
And was a parent
She did her job
And then some
Taking care
Of her responsibility
I heard the rumors
From those wicked
Little birdies
How you denied me
Because of my color
Even Stevie Wonder
Could see
I looked just like you
A splitting image
And very good balance
Of you and my mother
Thankful back in those days
We only needed
The DNA investigator
Took one look at me
And said
Stop bothering her
I was your child
And Stop your denial
Yet that wasn’t what
Crushed my image of you
I had no anger
I was very observant
I continued
To give our relationship
A chance
And kept visiting
To get to know you
But the only thing
I remember
You never getting close to me
Staying in the shadows
Watching me
Never interacting with me
That hollowed feeling
Was disturbing and grew
Inside me
You had no light
Shining to guide me
I felt
So lost
Being near you
So as distance grew
I went with it
Letting go of
False dreams
Being a daddy’s little girl
Even in the same room
We were on different planets
You on yours
Me on mine
With no way
Between them
I didn’t pretend
Or glamourize you
I saw reality
You was my birth father
And wasn’t daddy material
We were linked
By blood
And nothing else
Those dreams of
A little girl
Wanting a daddy
Is long gone
And almost forgotten
You just missed something
That was glorious
The good
The bad
And the ugly
Of being there
Celebrating with me
My accomplishment
Protecting me
From bad relationships
And loving me
Who stands now
In front of you
Is someone
That is a
Good person
Good heart
Be happy
I’m still here
Alive and kicking
Hard as ever
I’m just Numb
To childish fantasies
I’m a grown woman
I don’t hate you
You’re a stranger
And if you want to know me
Pick up your phone
And call me
My number has been same
For decades


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