How do you decipher
A mathematical equation
That was thought
To have been solved
Twenty years ago
The teacher approved
The answer
Saying you was correct
Then out of nowhere
You get
An outdated letter
Saying you failed
After they recalculated
All of the
So called data
I thought
Those years
Were behind me
Dead and Buried
Six feet deep
And a extra few feet
Cause I jumped in the grave
And stomped it
It’s restless spirits
A rising
Ghosts are haunting
Chanting in
Repeative whispers
Saying strange things
I love you
I’ve missed you
And want to see you
It’s a miracle
Their eyes have opened
They’ve gained their sight
They finally noticed
I wasn’t there beside them
All this time
I spent a lifetime
Of detachment
Hiding in plain sight
Now I am no longer invisible
I’m so hesitant
To find out the answer
Do you
My forgiveness
My tears
The broken pieces of my heart
To mend them
I’m not sure
I will be able to hand
Them all over
So careless
What is your
Ulterior motive
There’s a reason
For this call
You’re not telling me
The whole truth
Let’s count to three
Rip off
This bandaid quickly
Cut to the chase
Throwing it all
At once
The kitchen sink included
Because that day
I stood before you
Pleading my case
Trying so hard
Overexurting myself
Putting all my effort
In explaining
How priceless
And irreplaceable
I am
I still can not comprehend
I had to sale
As if I was brand new car
I was not a thing
I was a person
With feelings
You just wasn’t
Interested then
So how come
I’m important


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