Was it you
That opened the door
Lit the light
For someone to follow you
Into what you call
Your life
How could you be enraged
You set this madness into motion
You are trying to backpedal
By saying you want privacy
I am so confused about everything
Do not look at me crazy
For questioning your mentality
After hearing such stupidity
As you complain about people
Always in your business
Yet you continue to post
It on social media
Telling every Tom Dick and Harry
Your grievances
A cheating spouse
A disrespectful child
Your miserable job
Or quite the opposite
Your successes
Your growing bank account
Your happy home
Having a blessed life
I do not understand
When you try to pick and choose
What is public access
What is not
Because if you did not want
Anyone to know
Interfere with your life
You should have thought about it first
Before clicking publish
Giving access to your life


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