Your game
Was good
You became
More than
A friend
You was family
I can not
All these years
You was
To be my friend
To get close
In order
To deceive me
What did
I do
To make
You think
You needed
To destroy me
We shared
So much
So I am baffled
That it was
All faked
You waited
Until now
To creep up
As a coward
A thief in
The night
To steal
The remainder of
What was left
Of me
When I chose
To fight for it
To preserve it
To rebuild it
For someone
Not you
I saw the rage
In your eyes
As you plunged
Your blade
Into me
Giving me
No reason
To tell me
What lead
To this


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5 thoughts on ““Tell Me How You Feel”

  1. I love your post. I hope you enjoy my blog post. I’m a young high school teacher that overcame depression and suicide when I was younger. I love reading positive down to earth post. You gained a follower!


    1. I do apologize on the late response for some reason your comment was sent to spam.I really want to thank you for your support.I love that you are enjoying my poems and they are touching you. I am ecstatic that you are a follower and I will be a follower of yours also.I am definitely going to be looking at your blog.

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