I do not know
What to call you
Which do you prefer
Back stabber
Pathetic piece
Of $hit
Sorry I digressed
Let’s get
To the point
You know
That deep
Dark secret
That one
That will
Ruin you
Bury you
Put shame
On your family name
The Out-and-out lie
You have been living
I know it
Granted it is
Your personal business
But you changed that
When you stepped
Into my life
And played with my toys
Without permission
You thought
I would not know
The difference
Would not find out
What you have been doing
Do you not know
What is done in the dark
Will eventually
Come to the light
So you created
This problem
And I warn you
Making another
Wrong decision
That concerns me
Will be
The last thing
You do to me
Your secret will be
Blurted out
Through a bullhorn
To everyone
That has ears
Willing to listen
The damage is done
You have burnt
Down your bridge
With me
Your secret
Is mine
To tell
I got the receipts
The evidence
The patience
Waiting for you
To make your move
So I can end you
Like we were in
Mortal combat


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