Some people see
In black and white
While I see
In color
And the way
You look at me
Keep looking on
Like a big dumby
I am glad
You have lowered
Your expectations
Of me
You are
I am
Aware of you
Your intentions
I have always
Paying attention
Your Bull crap
I peeped
Long ago
Since day one
I saw you
I smelled it
On you
It’s on every
Part of you
Your stench
Is consuming
You can not
Hide from it
You can not
Blend in a crowd
Or pass it on
As a new perfume
You are trying
I will not
Ignore it by
Tiptoeing around it
The smell
You are giving
I am calling
You out on it
There is no
Way to
Defend it
You and
All your
Are tagged
I am coming
You will not be
Immune to
My tongue lashing
I am ready
And not holding
Back the punches
It is not in
My nature
To backdown
From this challenge
I am cleaning up
The area around me
Taking out people
That are phony
That are saying
They are going
To help
But helping
Up to a point
That they think
You deserve it
Giving less
Human decency
Or treating
You like a human
But asking you
For everything
To be given
Giving answers
To questions
That needs
You are
Just a
Sorry excuse
So stop


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