It is war
Mind and Body
When the body
Wants to give up
Throwing in
The towel
To die
But the mind
Has much to do
Ignoring the screams
Of the body
The nonsense
To rest
The situation
The mind has
Its own goals
Keep moving
Rest is for
The dead
And buried
After you’ve
Gained access
To the kingdom
That’s when
You can let go
Of everything
Until then
Time is precious
Slipping away
In an instance
There are no
Winners or losers
Until the
Game is over
So keep fighting
Stop your whinning
It’s falling
On deaf ears and
No one is listening
Feed yourself
If you’re hungry
Bathe yourself
If your dirty
Push on when
You don’t want to
Get off your a$$
And do something
A mind is a
Terrible thing
To waste
If you don’t use it
It’s a complicated tool
That has
No instructions
You have to do
On the job training
For it to be
A secret weapon
It will do everything
To push
And encourage you
Shouting in your ear
Hear me
I will help you
To reach
Your desires
Just follow me
Don’t let
Anyone deter you
From the steps
In front of you
Just do ten now
Then ten thereafter
Until you reach
Your goal
Climbing those
Steps won’t
Kill you
But wasting
Your talent will


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