“Going To Faraway Places”


I have
No worries
The heavenly father
Will bless
And replenish
What I’m needing
To keep on my journey
Those takers
Will continue
Even after I’m gone
On their destructive path
They are set on
Killing all beauty
Around them
I promise myself
I will be long gone
And out of reach
Far from that obliteration
That is them
I’ve learned from my past
I was too focused
On everyone
Except me
My energy
My love
All of me
Helping others
Neglecting myself
I’m not complaining
I gave it freely
But it was so draining
I finally had to recognize
That everyone
Does not
Deserve me
Who I am
As a person
What I offer
To the equation
For a long time
I’ve been
Not feeding myself
With nutritional substance
To substantial satisfy
Or fill me
I had no urge
Or visible belly bulge
That forced me
To unbutton
My pants
Before sitting
After eating
Some people are
Just takers
Taking all the good
And leaving
Footprints behind
Up and down your back
But whatever treasure
They think
They stole from me
Diminish quickly
What they have
It’s too
Good and powerful
It will vanish
As they raise it to
Their mouth
Before consumption
Leaving them hungry
And Searching
To impoverish from
The next person
They see


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