People have had all types of pain
Physical pain
Mental pain
Emotional pain
People who are
Just a pain in the ass
All through their life
It is either
You are at point of
Going through it
In the middle of it
Putting up a front
Trying not acknowledging it
As if it will disappear
Like magic
Yet nothing ever disappears
As long as humans create problems
You know the type of drama
That agitates you to a point of
Calculating murder
Of course
It is a fantasy
Tomorrow could be that day
When you will feel it is not
You close to acting on it
Before that day comes
Take a break
A few mental health days
A vacation for
Maybe a few weeks
A couple months
To recharge and refocus on
What is important
Forget all the pain
You have experienced
Concentrating on a special somebody
Who is there to help you
Release all the negativity built inside of
Yeah that stuff that sucked the life out of you
That caused you to forget yourself
What you believed in


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