Tell me no more lies
Tell me why
Why do you have no feelings
Inside of you
Why do you hate to tell the truth
Why are you
Promising things you have no intention to keep
It is sad
All you have to do
Is tell me the truth
You are not into me
I can handle it
You refuse to give me
The closure I seek
By giving what you said belongs to me
I know
You are trying to make me look foolish
After I have only been good to you
I understand
You could careless of my heartache
But keep me hanging on every word you speak
Promising tomorrow will be the day
You let me go
You do not need to let me go
It is up to me
To say enough
Is enough
When that will be the day
It is up to me
I guarantee
Because you had me being your secretary
More than your lover
For years
I am aware of were your skeletons are kept
So keep putting me on hold
See what happens
When I come for you
Stop playing games
Give me what is mine
So I can leave you
In my past
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