I keep
Forgetting my mission
Forgetting my plans
When I try to remember
I just can’t
It feels as if
My mind is full of trash
It has a flashing error
Clear memory
Five seconds
Until a complete crash
I beg you
Please help me
Get back on task
I am tired of walking around in circles
Not remembering
What I came into the next room
To get
It is maddening
Getting up for nothing
Only to remember once
I have climbed back into bed
For sure
This crap is going to make me
Go insane
I feel it
I am merely a few steps away
From being in a padded room
Popping happy pills
With a straight jacket
To match
Come on people you laughing
I bet tomorrow you will be doing
The same
So help me
So I can help you
So we can stay among the sane


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3 thoughts on ““Trying To Escape These Circles”

  1. I love how personal the poem is. It really brings out the struggles you must be facing and the small struggles we all face which really prevent us from giving our best yet we ignore them as minor struggles. We all need to break out of these circles and only if someone was there to help us out the journey would be a one to look forward to.


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