You are two cents short of a dollar
Trying to make me
Follow your orders on
How I should think
How I should act
Last time I checked
I have only one mother
I will not follow
Be a sheep
Confining myself to
Your rules
Your demands
Your delusions of being
To every other human
That occupy this planet
I am warning you
You need to beware
Because there are plenty
Like me
Gathering up making an army
To start a revolution
To clear up any doubt
We are tired of
The put downs
The pat downs
Downshift of our worth
Because you think we do not belong
On this continent
This planet
We belong here and anywhere
A plane
A boat
A car
Our feet will carry us
Wherever you decide to go
Be aware will be right there too
Because it will be our choice
To be there
You preach it is a free country
Well I will take every liberty
To explore any place where humans
Are able to travel
I do not need any one’s permission
To do so
I am reminding you
If you forgot
This is God’s kingdom
He gives me my permission
Every time he gives me breath


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