If you never experienced
Tested the limits
Between life and death
Then keep your opinions
To yourself
Yes I understand
It is your opinion
It is your right
To be judgmental
Call it reckless
This is my life
If you have never felt it
Never known it
Understood it
An intensive feeling
A type of desire
A need
To find an escape from everything
If only for a minute
You have missed the experience of
A lifetime
It is
What we call absolute freedom
That feels
Almost as if it was an afrodisiac
That feeling of flying
Like superman
As the wind
Pushes against your body
Flows through your hair
As you ride on two wheels
Down the highway
Boy it is everything
To ride this smallest powerful machine
With not real protection
From the obliviousness
Of bigger machines on the highway
See only a real rider knows
The gift of their machine
Controlling it
When others try to make it impossible


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