You remember that saying
Keep your friends close
Keep your enemies closer
Welcome my dear friend
Should I say
Hello demon
Do not be hesitant
Come on in
Sit awhile
Let us talk about a critical subject
In fact it is only about
Two essential queries
I have for you
What is your given name
What is your actual intentions towards me
Do not look at me like that
Do not be surprised
I saw your truth long ago
I knew what you were from the beginning
That day in the parking lot
My skin was burning
My first thought was to run
I needed more information
I needed to know
Why you were coming for me
I had to prepare
For the storm that was brewing
So now I ask you again
What is your intention towards me
What is your given for the exorcism
So I can free you from my life
So I can start living
A life
Unhampered from your meddling


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