You want to tame a wild beast
Do it with care
Do it with kindness
With your palms up
Showing a bit of vulnerability
Because one act of violence
Begets another act of violence
Beginning a dangerous cycle
Where love
Can ever exist between the two
Meaning between
Master and slave
Husband and wife
Parent and child
Human and human
Human and beast
Take my word
It will happen
There will be a day
That will come
That the forced obedience
You had once beaten into them
Will begin to slip away
Into a black hole of nothingness
Ultimately allowing
A rising of a predatory instinct
Within what you thought was a dostile beast
Tamed and buried long ago
Believe me nothing is ever buried
So deep it can not climb
Back out of darkness
So choose wisely
Be loving
Create a bond
That will last a lifetime
Where both parties are happy
Free to be in charge of their
Own body
Let it be
No masters
No subservients
No classes of wealth
Just humans being humans
Beast being beast
Coexisting in a peaceful environment
Let it be peace


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