Pet pives
We all have them
Plainly put
Some have more than others
So do not be surprised
That I am admitting
To having a few
What the hell moments
Some minor to major hangups
Attached with several no go situations
In my life
But we are not here
To disgust that
Are we
Let us move on
Get back on track
I am done digressing
I am in need of sharing my point
Because at this time
I am irritated
There is one in particular pet pive
The one of the top five on my list
That makes the others minor leaguers
This one I have talked about
Until I am blue in the face
People continuously ignore
My emotions and feelings about lying
They do not realize
It is a surefire way
The most definite quickest way
To be eliminated for sure
By the most deadliest of terminators
Who are always watching my back
Who are ready
Awaiting my command
To remove any dilemma
Causing harm to me
Anyone that lost my trust
Did not appreciate me
Did not deserve to be in my space
It is sad
People have such difficulty
In comprehending this concept
It was said clearly
Repetitively spoken
On a multitude of times
That I got too tired
To care
Therefore I stopped counting
Endless numbers do not end
Why bother
If it has not imprinted
On everyone
Who has known me
Just met me
So I will recap
You what me
It is simple as this
Do not lie to me
In any shape
By omission
A lie to me
Is a regrettable situation
For the perpetrator
Their status in my presence


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