I want to praise you
On your greatest accomplishment
Of being the almighty of Gods
You act like you are all knowing
You jump into the wrong type of situations
Running your mouth without thinking
Then having the nerve to tell me
How I am feeling
When I am sad
When I am mad
When I am happy
When I am hurting
You know
I think
I should get down on my knees
Thank you
For your many blessings
Reading my mind
What would my life be without you
I can not believe
You are a master
Please tell me
How do you do it so well
I am in awe of you
My God
My keeper
I hope by now
If you are not getting it
This is sacarasm
For you ridiculing my situation
That you know nothing about
So let’s get to it
I am over it
I am telling you once
So listen up
If you keep wagging your tongue
In the wind
I will gladly gift you
A promise
From the depths of hell
A huge flaming ball of fiery
Only for you
I am tired of the bullshit
The know it alls
The googling professionals
The busy body people
Who know nothing
Including how to differentiate
Their head from
Their ass
Because both are expelling
Nothing but shit


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