Inquiring minds want to know
If you had
The devil on your left arm
Wanting you to be evil
An angel on your right
Wanting you to be good
Both doing their best advocating
Giving you their bestselling
On how to fill your heart
Do you play ignorant
Stand between the lines
Blurring them
From black and white
Until it is gray
If you do not choose
You will be overlooked
You will be safe
Well I am telling you
That is a joke
With no punchline
It is silly
Just the same way
You judge one another
It is a woeful situation
That no one gets a pass in this life
Moreso because
People in general are so judgemental
They are skipping
The getting to know you phase
All together
Never meeting on the middle ground level
Labeling people only on a first impression situation
When people are nervous
Having awkward feelings
To think a person can only be
Either this or that
Based on the bookcover
Is you skipping to the end
Without reading it
Cover to cover
Missing the complete story
People are different
One is not like the other
You must get to know them
Before forming an opinion


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