There are so many social media
Insta happy families
Out here
Posting pictures
All hugged up
Showing the family
Living the good good life
I say why
You claiming
Professing openly false information
Of the quality of the true situation
You know you
Sitting at home
Your significant other’s movements
Being ever so bothered
That you may get found out
By everybody
You living a lie
Why you crying
Being upset
Waiting until he/she get home
To argue about the lies
About to be exposed globally
I reiterate
It is futile
If you not going to pull the plug
Rather pretend to be happy
Instead of being happy in this reality
Keep on posting
Publishing those
Photoshopped images
Of your delusional fragmented existence
You will eventually realize
That you are being foolish
Foolish people
Always get found out
No matter
If hiding was their profession
Just know
What you think is hidden
Will be
Bought into the light
Shattering the glass house depiction
Of you life
Into a million little pieces
Please see
Being miserable
Should not be
A desire
A fulltime job
For no one
Nothing is ever worth
Self sacrificing yourself
Stop being perfidious
For what is
A social media relationship
Getting likes
From people who
Do not even know you


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