I do not pass judgement
Based on another person’s opinion
Of you
I give out clean slates
A chance
To win
To lose
My open-mindedness
Is not ignorance
I base everything on
That then
Dictates what is covered
By the blanket of blindness
What I can let go
What I can not
There are limits
There is a clause
In every
Family contract
Friend contract
Lover contract
A line
That can never be crossed
By you
By me
By anyone
If it is crossed
Believe me
There is no way coming back
You lie
You steal
You show no remorse
Towards the things
You have done
Makes you a risk
I am not willing to take
I refuse to have you in my space
In my presence
What is best for you and I
Is that you consider
Yourself erased
From anything that has anything
To do with my life
I want nothing to do with you
I have nothing to say to you
You do what you do
I do what I do
That is what it is
Separately living


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