It is on Sunday
They put on their best
To con the congregation
Out of their hard earned money
Asking for their last dime
In fact even
The money to feed their children
Preaching giving is good
Everyone should donate
To a building fund
That never seems to add up
To being enough
To start the improvements
Of the crumbling unconditioned church
A scorcher in the summer
A freezer in the winter
The reason it never starts
It is because the funding
Is being used
To build a bigger home
Buy a new car
Put their kids through private school
Put the first lady
In name brand clothing
To sit in the front of the church
While the congregation
Lives in the slums
Living paycheck to paycheck
Something that does not bother them
Monday through Saturday
They are living in the hills
Looking down on the people
That put them there
Raising glasses
To their good fortune
Taking from the less fortunate
So they can live in comfort
It is
If you do not see
That as being delusional
If you trust a snake charmer
To be in the pulpit
To preach to you the gospel
When he himself
Do not believe
In the the words he is saying
Is giving back to the community
You are at fault
Because you must be selective
You need to open you eyes
See that
Snake charmers are amongst us
Not everyone toting a bible
Is anointed
Should be trusted
Beware of those you
Give access to your soul


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