You lock your doors
You bar your windows
Get a panic alarm
Surgerical attached to your @ss
Have a gun readily at your grasp
Doing all the precautions
To keep your illusions intact
Thinking 911 will get to you fast
It is a false sense of security
You have
It is like glass
It will shatter
Into a million little pieces
Sharp shards will cut deeply
Bleeding you rapidly
Almost immediately
It is what it is
When your time is up
Nothing will exempt you
From that fatal conclusion
After being met with
A criminal minded individual
Who wants to get to you
Take your money
Take your belongings
Take your life
At your job
At the bank
In your home
In your car
Inside a prison
Even the bodega at the corner
That always seemed safe
Because you know the attendant
By his/her name
But at last
It is not
It only takes one person
To see it as a challenge
Figure out a solution to
Break into a fortress
That has been built
Out of man made materials
In their mind it is
With time
Selfish unchecked restraint
That will get them
What they desire
I only hope your affairs
Are in order
Because if you are between that
Guess what will happen
A you
Them situation
With no guarantee
Who will be the victor


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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