These streets will be covered
In the blood of the innocents
With all this confusion
Unawareness of the real situation
Going on
It is ridiculous
That no one has yet to find
A better solution to end
This age old human war
We have going on
This world is big enough
For all us to live in peace
Yet people’s eyes are welded shut
Believing violence
Is the only way
To getting what is not theirs
In the first place
This planet is on lease to us
No human can own
If eyes do not open soon
To see what is coming
We will all experience
The same outcome
A man made apocalypse
The demise of the human race
Just because we can not find
A way to get along
Stop the divisions
By color
By race
By religion
By sex
We bleed the same blood
We breath the same air
We multiply the same way
We all will wither away
Once we are dead
So what of our differences
What are you really fighting for
Your ego
What nonsense
Not a good reason to kill
Another person’s child


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