This is an observation
Maybe I am wrong
You know I am not
I believe that
All these years of struggles
Should have taught you major
Survival skills
But of course it has not
It is the same story
A different day
Bag of shit arrangement
You got down packed
This is simplest of things
People should be able to remember
But I guess it is not
So let me break it down
You continually keep diving in head first
Like you have no common sense
So let me tell you
Fire is hot
Do not keep jumping into it
You will get burnt up
Please stop
I know you are tired
I am tired too
Of you getting hurt
It is time
To speak on some truth
That no one has bothered to tell you
Maybe they are afraid
Maybe they love your agony
Maybe they just do not care
Either way I cannot be
Part of it
The blind leading the blind
When my eyes see fine
I love you
Not afraid of you
I care about you
These words are what I see
It is not pretty
So have a seat
This is an intervention
Done by love
Your world is in disarray
Not because of others
But because of you
Not making your own decisions
To get your life back on track
How long are you going to play victim
To your circumstance
You keep getting mad
Frustrated that life left
You behind
But it is your choice
You continue to do nothing
To help yourself advance
Can you not understand by
You steadily making excuses
To stay
Sticking your head in the sand
Hiding from the truth
Standing frozen in time
Is by your own doing
My only advice is for you to stop
Listening to the wrong advice
Listen to yourself
You know what is right
Do you not know
You are more powerful than you think
Just know
The mental prison you have built
For yourself
Is what it is
You need to realize
The people you think have the key
Does not
You have it
Release yourself
Taste freedom for yourself
With no one dictating
What you should
Should not do
Live your life
Not the life someone says
Is your life


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