When did this society
Get so screwed up
These days children
Are living in an imaginary bubble
Of selfishness
Abusing authority
Abusing their parents
Creating chaos
Acting only on impulse
Instead of common sense
They have no self control
They have no self respect
They do not value anything
They do not understand
That their negative actions
Breed unfavorable consequences
There are plenty of people out here
That will not love them
But will beat them
Kill them
They are not taking their attitude
Their madness
It is time people stop being
A friend
Be a parent
Train them up
Bury them six feet
The world is not what it is was
The neighborhood pitching in
It is a society feed up
No one is tolerating
Even little demon children
Disrespecting $hit
So please correct your child
Before the police
A family member
A stranger on the street
Does it


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