Too many look at this world
As a sampling buffet
Picking over it
So much so
That when the next person comes by
To try
To buy
To own
Their sensory input stops them cold
Forcing them to get carried away
Imprint disgust in their skull
Grimy looks
Ratchet smell are visionary blocks
That halts a mind from seeing
The beauty in what someone else
Deemed a castaway
A lost cause
Garbage by their definition
They did not see value in it
They convinced
Managed to stop you from looking twice
Just based only on the ugliness
The repugnance of the outer shell
Therefore including everyone
Into a massive wave of a passoverness
The passing by of a beautiful gem
That is trapped under
Only dirt and grime
I believe it is
A brainwashing effect
People seeing people
Everything as trash
Possible expendables
To rot
Decompose away into nothingness
On a pile
Giving it no chance
To be a nourishment for anyone else’s soul
Oh yes
It is
It is such a despairing tale
People treating each other
The same way as objects
That when broken
Instead of fixing
They treat him/her as a replaceable
Only to find out in the end
The treachery of their actions
A reaccuring reaction
To replace instead of fixing
It is not them
It is you
What is broken is inside of them
Not the ones they have thrown away


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