I do not need a crown
To be called it
I know what I am
I am it by my own right
I do not need your approval
When I was birth into this world
I became the embodiment of it
I am what I am
A Queen
One of many in this world
Proud to be one of them
So what you may think of me
Bring your mouth to call me
It will never be true
I am most definitely
Will never be what you
Think you should name me
Out of your jealousy
Out of your anger
Out of your hate for anyone like me
So let’s get this straight
Any malicious derogatory synonym
Your mouth suddenly blurts out with
Including the most popular one
I will never be one
Because by all definitions it is
What it is
One of four
A female dog
A wolf
A fox
An otter
With no mention of a woman
So when you call on me
Let it be known
I am a woman with a name
It is specifically for me
My birth certificate is proof of it
My mother has verified it
The government has it documented
That is all the convincing I need
So if you ever gather your words
To call me as such
Then welcome to the wrath of me
I will not permit
Such disrespect
You demeaning me
I will not allow
Any of that crap to define me
Who’s to blame me
For defending me
If the good men in this world
Are few
Correct me
If I am wrong
If none of this is true


“All Rights Reserved: The copyright holder retains all the rights provided by copyright law, such as distribution, performance, and creation of their work.

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